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"If we want to head north, we can use the North Star to guide us, but it is impossible to arrive at the North Star. Our effort is only to proceed in that direction."

Thich Naht Hahn

We no doubt have finished one of our busiest weeks yet, possibly even throughout the process. After weekends of creating, we began rip ping apart our "children", and piecing them together into something beautiful, new, and completely our own. This is why I love Found's work. There is a level of sacrifice, but for the common good.

Each person involved in this process is offering something unique. This year also has many new/returning additions to the Found family, and it has been great. There is something really magical about working with new people in this way. A tête-à-tête of souls, if you will. There is also a reaffirmation of the process when sharing it with others.

This show, unlike others in recent years, has no fantasy to hide in (admittedly though, our current state of affairs is getting more fantastical everyday). When dealing with such subject matter in conjunction to the personal Creation process of Found, there are bound to be some personal discoveries.

How does one change the world? Is love enough? Am I even allowed to participate in certain fights? Or are our fights picked for us?

But their isn't an "I" process, it's a "we". embracing these complimentary and conflicting views broadens the scope. We all have ideas about how to get somewhere, but how do we get there together? All of us. How can we create a meeting place for each soul, without stifling it?

The only way I have found is Found's process. A sacrifice of self, so that it is replaced with something stronger. Something you can't build alone. This is how I've started discovering my place not only with Found, but with myself and the world. Everyone has something to offer you, will you let them?

Get your tickets for "Nothing to See Here" Opening April 14!

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