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"a few committed artists, working with scarce resources, can indeed create something magical together”


"a thrill to behold"

"captivating and beautiful"

"a creative explosion; a quiet example of what devised work can look like at its best"


"jarring and hilarious"

"one of the city's most compelling alternative theater companies"

  Buzz for City of Woes, 2015 

City Paper:

“It's an engrossing, immersive experience, punctuated by clever low-tech effects, haunting live music, and expressive revelations of human behavior.”

         read the full article by Mark Cofta here.


“This young collective displays talent, maturity, and wisdom beyond its years (“Can’t any of us just appreciate our lives while we’re livin’ ‘em?”) in a haunting foray into death, accountability, despair, and hope. Though the third-floor venue was hot as hell during the worst of the heat wave, I could have sat there through eternity watching this profound performance.”

        read the full article by Deb Miller here.


 Buzz for Deep Blue Sleep, 2014 



"If you need proof that extraordinary imagination, talent, and creativity trump an enormous budget every time, Found Theater Company provides it once again with DEEP BLUE SLEEP."

         read the full article by Debra Miller here.


City Paper:

"a collective-created work that really works...a charmingly magical, yet sometimes macabre, nautical lullaby..."

     read the full article by Mark Cofta here.



"The work feels whimsical and fragile, like a lattice made up of dreams and breath, but simultaneously rugged and rough-tough...The ensemble (for they are an ensemble in the best and truest senses) exhibit a delightfully child-like curiosity working in tandem with the honed, well-developed craft of educated, experienced artists in exploration."

     read the full article by William Glenn here.



 Buzz for This is the Twilight Kingdom, 2013

"If anyone still accepts the commonplace that the scientific mind is superior to the artistic, THIS IS THE TWILIGHT KINGDOM will rectify that misconception; it is an aesthetic revelation that will transport you to a different realm"

         read the full article by Debra Miller here.


"The dedication with which the actors attack such Lynchian material is a thrill to behold [...] Together they dance and sing and test the limits of their bodies in a painstaking effort to get to the bottom of everything."

         read the full article by Michael Fisher here.


Philadelphia Citypaper:

"There’s droning acoustic guitars, space casinos, chair dancing, force chokings, a doo-wop song, scientific mumbo-jumbo, philosophical discussions, and time travel (possibly). It was alternately creepy, jarring and hilarious.  I definitely didn’t understand it, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. Sure to be one of Fringe’s most original performances."

         read the full article by Bryan Bierman here.



 Buzz for Electric Jungle, 2012  


Stage Magazine:

"This is a show, and a company, that will give you confidence in the future of theater in Philadelphia."


Philadelphia Weekly:

"Part of the immersive theater movement that changes the relationship between actor and audience and puts theatergoers inside the show, Jungle amplifies the visceral style of theater that has made Found one of the city's most compelling alternative theater companies."


Philly Metro:

"Found Theater Company emerged as one of Philly Fringe's most inspiring troupes."


Knight Arts: "This almost as much musical composition as it is experimental narrative...which seems not unlike a Pink Floyd concert in its demeanor and sound."


Philadelphia Citypaper:

"...a vague sense of being shipwrecked inside someone else's dream...a good (but weird and slightly disorienting) time for all."



 Buzz for Event End., 2011 


Philly Metro:

“...this fledgling troupe has achieved something rare and unmistakably remarkable…an ensemble-created, blank-verse poem of sorts — shape-changing genres throughout, from play to musical, from modern dance to acid trip. And back again…It is a reminder of the tragically oft-forgotten revelation of Fringe Festivals everywhere: A few committed artists, working with scarce resources, can indeed create something magical together.”


Philadelphia Citypaper:

“Found delivers a product that not only entertains but helps us deal with our own mortality, providing audiences a moment to ponder life's biggest ‘what ifs.’”


Philly Broadcaster:

“There’s a rare authentic chemistry within the group that’s palpable…If there's a Fringe performance worth seeing twice, this is it."



“Do they commit to their work? Absolutely...It’s like spending time in a foreign police station for a crime that is only a crime in that particular country, like chewing gum in Singapore.”


Philly Mag:

10 Live Arts and Fringe Artists You Need to Know-Commendation from Geoff Sobelle-Commendation from Sebastienne Mundheim



 Buzz for Tales, 2010  


The Temple News:

“Together, they create an energy that fills every space of the room.”



“Using music, dance, and poetic dialogue, Tales’ avant-garde nature creates a new way one can look at theatre”




 Buzz for Something with Wings, 2009   


Named one of Philadelphia Citypaper’s “Best of the Fest” for the 2009 Philly Fringe Festival

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