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Announcing S.O.S and how you can help!

For 7 years Found Theater Company has devised full length performances only for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. But we've been working hard this winter! Found is in the midst of planning it's first ever spring production that will open in April of 2016.

This is exciting but we also need your help!

Please consider making a donation. Watch the video and visit our Hatchfund site for more informaiton on how you can help.

More about the S.O.S Project:

In the past, we've explored topics like the ocean, outer space, rock and roll, and Dante’s Inferno. For our upcoming spring show however, we’d like to focus our playful, scrappy, and often wistful aesthetic on the world around us. The S.O.S. Project (working title) will be a phantasmagoric dream show that navigates the relationship between the individual and the (impossibly big) world, delving into all the aspirations and frustrations that subtend the desire to make the world a better place. Found will weave together five surreal trial scenes, working to unravel the ambiguities, hypocrisies, (im)possibilities, and utopian fantasies that spring from the eternal question: how can I/we make real change in the world?


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