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Building our theory of everything

T-19 days and counting until the opening night of This is the Twilight Kingdom. These next two weeks are when things get really sciencey...I mean scientific. We are building and demolishing, building and demolishing. Currently Found is working feverishly, lead by our fearless Captain, Sean Lally, to compose the structure of our original piece of theatre. Sean is threading all of the songs, movements, and stories that we've created over the past two and a half months together to form what will be our Celestial offering for the 2013 FringeArts Festival. It is quite like coming up with a brand new equation and messing with the numbers until they prove your theory...or like mixing different chemicals until they create something new...or like waking up and trying to piece together separate dreams. We try and try again until it works. There are bound to be great failures and great successes in this ever exhilarating process. Sometimes I even hear myself saying, "This is all so impossible," because, "we are all roamers of vast spaces," and even though "I love you to the moon and back," it is still in fact "made of green cheese" and will only be "glowing ethereal plastic" until "you secure your metal buckles, one into the other." Every piece of the puzzle will find its place. More snippets of our space explorations to come! Ali Hoban Signing off:To Infinity and Beyond!

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