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Found Sounds in Space...and other thoughts on Music

Found Sounds in Space! ...and other thoughts on MusicThis is Ali Hoban logging in from the middle of the rehearsal process. It's that time of the summer for devised theatre makers: The work and rework, work and rework, memorize, work and rework what we've made so far time. During this very rewarding, but sometimes frustrating, process it's helpful to have goals by which to work. This summer, under the direction of Sean Lally, Found Theater has begun making lists of principles to help us. Every week we write up a new list on a big piece of poster board and hang it up in the rehearsal space, so that it's always there. They are principles, goals, and reminders we've taken from teachers, other companies, people we look up to in theater, and of course things we've discovered ourselves. Here are some examples of the things we've been working on:· Never underestimate the incredible intelligence of the body· Remember your freedom and power as an artist, new research is your friend until the end· We should always remain in a state of readiness· We must not create a judgmental rehearsal space· Believe in what you makeOne of my favorite Principles we've come up with so far is "Let music show what's in our hearts." This is very important to me because music is a huge part of Found Theater. When we started devising this way five years ago, we also started singing together. Since then we've grown in making music individually and as a group. As a company we believe in the power of music and we use that power in our work. With the musical guidance of assistant director and ensemble member Robert Carlton (musical director of Event End) This is the Twilight Kingdom is already shaping up to be full of beautiful, haunting, and sometimes hilarious music. Now is also the time when fundraising is hugely important to us. And as a company, we know no better way to get people excited about our projects than through music. Last year our Beatniks at the Bride event was very successful.

BUT Friday, August 2nd at 8pm, we are throwing our last live fundraiser of the summer, FOUND SOUNDS...IN SPACE! Hear members of Found Theater Company play their favorite space themed songs with all their hearts. Then join us for an intergalactic zero gravity dance party with DJ Kopernikus. Only $5 at the door, the first 15 people get a free Found Theater CD, AND there will be a raffling off of mystery SPACE goodies. This event should not be missed, but if you can't come, please donate on our kickstarter, so that Found can keep creating together.

Until Next Time: May the Force Be With YouAli Hoban Signing off

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