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This is the Twilight Kingdom

*photo by Harish Pathak

WE BEGIN ANOTHER GREAT ADVENTURE TOGETHER!I am reporting to you from our first week of rehearsals for our 2013 Fringe Festival project This is the Twilight Kingdom. Found Theater is back at the Painted Bride, this time armed with numbers, lab coats, and stardust. That’s right, we will be dedicating our summer at the Bride to all things Outer Space! In our first rehearsals alone we have lifted off the ground, traveled through time, and seen the evolution of the universe as we know it. We started exploring the frightening truths and the magical fantasies of outer space and came back with both blood and glitter on our hands. And this is just the beginning of our great adventure! We will be experimenting, testing, and collecting data all summer, the results of which will be revealed in September. Until then, you can follow our journey of creation here! We will be documenting our inquiries and discoveries here on our blog…I mean science journal…so that you too can witness the exploration of the great unknown. Better yet, you can see us conducting research in person this Saturday! Join Found Theater and other artists at THE HAPPENING, a live artistic event hosted by White Pines Productions. All the information is below. What a great way to end our first week of rehearsals.Until next time: To Science!Ali Hoban signing off HAPPENINGHow to save the world…or OwlsSaturday, June 8th, 6pm-11pmBroad Street Ministry315 South Broad Street, PhiladelphiaFree, come for however long you want!

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