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Thought's on Doomsday

Lee's Thoughts on DoomsdayWhen being confronted by the thought of a dooms day, what do you feel? For me, there's almost too much to talk about! When will it end? How will it end? Will anything survive? Would I even want to survive? With so much to say and think about, I am honestly quite sick of talking.As anyone who has met me knows, I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to tell a joke or two and bullshit with friends. But with all these questions circulating, I’m trying my best to just shut-up. Let me tell you: it’s a challenge!It’s quite impossible to name all the ways the world will end. (Literally, it was one of my assignments; it’s actually impossible!) I must have some answers inside myself, and perhaps if my voice wasn’talways drowning them out, I would hear them.Much like Jordan, my thoughts on Armageddon were always “Do NOT think about Armageddon.” I was certain if I explored this topic I would havenightmares for weeks and eventually, I would work myself into such astate of anxiety that I would become a shut-in.But I let an inner dialogue begin, and guess what? I’m not living like Howard Hughes. If anything I feel more connected to the world around me than ever before! When I finally began listening and stopped talking (something I have not come close to perfecting), I began seeing that the things within and around me are beautiful. In fact, so beautiful, that I was overtaken by a sense of wonder. Beauty and wonder are odd things (something we all know), but words cannot appropriately describe. So perhaps it is best to stop talking for a moment, observe, and appreciate the world we have right now.-Lee Minora

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