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Life or Death

Let me start by saying that I have many, many fears in this world. I’m terrified of spiders, being alone, bugs, heights, horror movies, dead people, prisons, the dark, and countless other things. But what unites all of my phobias is one giant fear of the unknown.“Do you want to die?”When approached with that question during rehearsals, I instinctually say “No.” Death is a scary thing, particularly because it is full of unknowns. How will I die? When will I die? Will I be alone? Will I get to say goodbye? And it is because of this uncertainty that I am so afraid of death. I do not want to leave my friends, family, and future behind. I want to experience everything there is in this world. I want to finish school, have a family, make a living and enjoy doing it. I want to travel, learn, and live in this life of endless possibility.Live.Why then am I focusing so much time afraid of death? Why am I not actually living my life? If death is so unpredictable, it is fruitless to spend time worrying about the end. I’m going to live as if I would die any second. Not in fear, but in love.If there’s one thing I’ve learned while working on EVENT END, it is that we must appreciate the time we have. Yes, it is cliché, but maybe it’s for good reason. We should never allow ourselves to be inactive. At this point in the world, today may very well be the last day of life. Therefore, I’m going to act in every single moment I have left. And if the end comes while I’m too busy living, maybe I won’t be afraid? Although, it’s doubtful...Michael Grant

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