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Jordan's thought's on the end

Scared Shitless of Our EndBefore starting work with Found, my thoughts toward the end of the world were quite simple— I had none. Thinking about the great apocalypse, rapture, or any other ending to our world seemed, frankly, pointless and infuriating. My entire life on Earth will be a split second compared to that of the planet’s longevity. But after a few weeks of first working with Found, where I’ve explored the deepest and darkest corners of my brain in imagining our end, I’ve discovered an interesting fact— I’m scared shitless about the end of the world. That’s why I pushed it out of my mind, labeling it as a stupid and wasteful subject. Imagining a tsunami towering above you, ready to obliterate you and another thousand people, or Earth catching fire from the sun’s colossal explosion is something everyone would want to put out of mind.But facing such frightful dreams and acknowledging them, then moving on with our present-lives, is a way of accepting them, for now, and remaining somewhat sane. We wouldn’t want to overdose on such images and end up investing 500,000 dollars in building our own private bunker. Or maybe we do…I have no idea of what Event End. will turn out to be, but it’ll be a journey to the end of the world and back, or maybe just to the end of the world. Unlike movies such as Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, and other Hollywood blockbusters that narrow in on that final countdown of a subject, our ensemble will create and explore the gritty, overwhelming, and beautiful feelings and events along with our audience, our copilots, right there next to us.Buckle in. It should be quite a ride…-Jordan

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