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City of Eunuchs, or Young Boy Playing in a Subway Car and Simultaneously Having a Discussion with hi

A True Story.There’s a young boy playing, fortified in a sectional of the subway car. Mother, beyond the barrier, and the boy mutters, “I wish I could move this.” And so he does, continually, attempt to move the virtually immovable object. And as he does he stares calmly, readily, into the eyes of his god’s head. “I ran today. My teacher let me.” Intermittent and inconsequential, he attempts anyway.Now his entire focus (no longer split) shifts into his body, still ceaselessly, joyfully, moving the immovable. A sequence of very specific action initiates. Ascends. Plateaus. And seemingly out of void, out of nothing, the sequence culminates in a grand gesture, a coup des grâce. The action shifts from variations of pushing and pulling to an entirely unprecedented motion. I can only intimate that he is some how taking the life force of this thing. I see his hands, moving to and fro, his mouth emitting a hiss.Then, I see him get up with his mother and leave the car. All the while hissing.-Sean Lally

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