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Event End.

What is the end of the world? What does it mean? Are we obsessed with our own demise, and if so, why? Does it excite or scare us? If we are afraid, how do we contain those fears? Do we incite them in others so we don’t feel so alone, or do we reach out to others and calm them as a way of calming ourselves? There are so many varied hopes and fears surrounding “the end.”During our first rehearsals this week, we are merely skimming the surface of these ideas, and what a perfect time to begin discussing these questions with each other. Recently we have witnessed tragic and debilitating natural disasters, a falsely predicted Rapture date, and growing rumors about the year 2012. It is hard not to ask these questions when the world seems so unstable. But the most important question may be: how can we continue to live and laugh and love each other when we are so fragile? It all could shatter at any moment, but most of us don’t let that prevent ourselves from reaching out to one another. By exploring these fears, and how we get passed them, we are celebrating life. Please, continue to follow our journey as we try to wrap our minds around these questions and form them into our next piece of theater,Event End.

Alison Hoban

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