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City of Woes

at Vox Populi's AUX performance space, September 2015

made possible in part through the generous support of The Charlotte Cushman Foundation and White Pines Productions


Greetings from Hell! Navigate the dark, decadent, and sinful as Found Theater descends into an underworld inspired by Dante's "Inferno." Influenced by crime fiction and leg by demons, lost souls, and fallen angels, this hybrid performance will investigate nightmarish terrirtory. Will we survive...or abandon all hope?


Production and promotional photos by Harish Pathak

Directed by Alison Mae Hoban

Assistant Director and designer Emily R. Johnson

Lore Master and Stage Manager Joe Palinsky

Lighting Designer Will Jonez

Physical Training by Matt Lorenz


FEATURING:  Kerry Brind'Amour, Amy Frear, Alison Mae Hoban, Matt Lorenz, Kevin O'Halloran, Phoebe Shaub, and Joe Wozniak


view show page with dates, time and promotional photos here!


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