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Nothing to See Here

the Boy Scout Room at JUNK, April 2016


Found Theater Co. asks, "What the f*** is going on here?" Come witness the guilty six play out the unbridled chaos of our (anti)political universe. 

Production and promotional photos by Harish Pathak

Lead Artist Sean Lally

Directed by Adrienne Hertler, Stephanie Iozzia, Sean Lally, and Joe Palinsky

Assistant Director Phoebe Schaub

Dramaturg Ryan McGinnis

Lighting Designer Will Jonez

Music Director Kevin O'Halloran

Scenic Designer Tom Lombardi

Stage Manager Julia McIntyre


FEATURING:  Adrienne Hertler, Stephanie Iozzia, Emily R. Johnson, Sean Lally, Joe Palinsky, and Joe Wozniak


view show page with dates, time and promotional photos here!


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