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Written by Shannon DiStefano
Directed by Matthew Lorenz


Stage Management by Emily Baver
Dramaturgy by Madeline Charne
Lighting by Will Jonez



Tyler Elliot

Adrienne Hertler

Alison Mae Hoban

Kyle Jackson

Christina May

Cory Mecca

Joe Palinsky

Joe Wozniak

Found Theater Company + Philadelphia Young Playwrights present

First They Came For

a new play by Shannon DiStefano

Asian Arts Initiative

1219 Vine St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Feb 10-12

Berlin 1933. Adolf Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany. The Nazi flag rises and the country is divided. A Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemoller, stands at his pulpit preaching for unity under God, ignoring the plight of the Jewish citizens as they systematically lose their rights. When Nazis raid his church, God takes a step back, and Martin finds himself sharing the fate of those he refused to help. On the train bound for Auschwitz, Martin talks about the passing of time with an old man and a young woman wails about flames that will engulf them all. The past and the present collide; and in the confines of the death camp, Martin searches for hope, for God, and for redemption.


FIRST THEY CAME FOR is an immersive and surreal journey through the Holocaust. Inspired by Elie Wiesel's NIGHT and the life of Martin Niemoller, this story tracks the rise of the Nazi party, the descent into the horrors of the camps, and the search for salvation. FIRST THEY CAME FOR emphasizes the need to take action before it is too late.

Friday, February 10th @ 7pm
Saturday, February 11th @ 2pm & 7pm
Sunday, February 12th @ 2pm

Tickets: Adults $15, Students $10

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