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at Bon Vivants, September 2011


Mayhem! Destruction! Calamity! Collapse! Found Theater Company takes on asteroids, terrorists, global warming, poison gas, 2012, artificial intelligence, atomic bombs, natural disasters, plagues, total corporate world domination, and the sneaking, sinking feeling that disaster is upon us. Afraid yet? This is Event End.


*Promotional photos by David Miranda Hardy

**Rehearsal photos by Harish Pathak

***Production photos by Bianka Allyon Brunson-BiankaBee

Directed by Alison Mae Hoban

Assistant Director Sean Lally

Music Director Robert Carlton

Lighting Designer and Stage Manager Shearl Purcell

Set and Costume Design by Sara Yoko Howard


FEATURING:  Kerry Brind'Amour, Robert Carlton, Laura Michelle Edoff, Michael Grant, Justin Howe, Sean Lally, Claire Lenahan, Matt Lorenz, Lee Minora, Jordan Mottram, and Phoebe Schaub


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