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Electric Jungle

at The Painted Bride, September 2012


Found Theater sets sail on a musical odyssey of microphone vines and pulsing radio waves through the sound barrier and beyond! Inspired by research and performed by our ensemble, Electric Jungle is an exploration of music and sound--how it affects our bodies and minds, from the click of a tongue to an electric requiem.


*Production photos by Harish Pathak

**Promotional photos by David Miranda Hardy

Directed by Phoebe Schaub

Assistant Director Matt Lorenz

Sound Designer Sean Lally

Set Designer Jordan B. Mottram

Lighting Designer Ryan Walsh

Movement Coach Laura Edoff

Stage Managers Jasmine Kojouri and Emily R. Johnson


FEATURING: Kerry Brind'Amour, Alison Mae Hoban, Matt Lorenz, Lee Minora, and Jordan B. Mottram


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