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Deep Blue Sleep

at The Painted Bride Art Center, September 2014

made possible in part through the generous support of The Charlotte Cushman Foundation and White Pines Productions


Dive into a world of sailboats, sea creatures, and sirens for a flowing stream of maritime lullabies. Deep Blue Sleep will keep you afloat with dreamlike legends of pirates, lost cities, and things that lie beneath the ocean's depths. A nautical nodding not to be missed!


Directed by Alison Mae Hoban

Assistant Director and Music Director Phoebe Schaub

Lore Master and Lighting Designer Justin Howe

Set and Costume Design Joe Wozniak

Stage Manager Sarah Stearns

Movement Coordinators Sean Lally and Emily R. Johnson


FEATURING:  Robert Carlton, Laura Edoff, Amy Frear, Emily R. Johnson, Sean Lally, Phoebe Shaub, and Joe Wozniak


Production and promotional photos by Harish Pathak

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